If you’re a physician of almost any specialty other than psychiatry, and you’re not yet using PRP as part of your practice, you’re rapidly becoming out-of-date. The safety and efficacy of PRP is becoming more solid almost daily with an absolute explosion of research (go to PubMed now, type in “platelet-rich plasma” in the search box, and be surprised). But, as you work your way through this book, remember—there is no procedure that works perfectly—none. So finding an idea that works is only the first step.

Next comes the eternal task of looking at the near infinite variations: who will respond to the procedure, who will not, how can the PRP be best prepared, can it be mixed with something, cooled, washed with saline, what if the patient exercises first, what are contraindications, what about medications or nutrients that enhance or hinder, how can it best be injected, and how much should be injected?

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